hardware, but Asus has managed to pack in a 10th Gen Intel Core processor (the company hasn’t revealed the exact model yet), up to two 1TB PCIe SSDs, Wi-Fi 6 support, and even an IR camera for Windows Hello.

Like many Asus laptops, it’s a 14-inch display inside the body of a typical 13-inch laptop. That means thin display bezels and a 94 percent screen-to-body ratio. I got the chance to get an early look at the AsusPro B9 today, and, as you’d expect from the “world’s lightest 14-inch laptop,” it’s incredibly light. It’s designed to be a business laptop, but it feels light enough that you could easily carry it with one hand while you’re carrying a coffee in the other and using your nose to tap out furious emails to your boss as you go from meeting room to meeting room. I didn’t actually test it with my nose, but you get the point: it’s lightweight.

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New 2 in 1 laptop with box and charger

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